Production of grain and oily seed

The main activity is the cultivation of winter wheat, sunflower seeds, rapeseed and corn in the area of the municipalities of Bregovo (the district of Vidin) and Vratsa. For the agricultural 2011/2012 the two companies in Agro Terra North group cropped a total of 2 700 hectares of winter wheat, 1 400 hectares of sunflower seeds, 300 hectares of rapeseed, 700 hectares of corn and 300 hectares of fallow lands (processing of uncultivated land).

With the purpose of effectively cultivating the rented land in the period 2007-2009 the two companies purchased all of the needed agricultural equipment of leading world brands in the sector including seven harvesters FENDT of the latest generation with the necessary adaptors for sunflower and maize, a large number of tractors FENDT VARIO with trailers HAWE, sprayers CAFFINI, seeders HORSCH, ploughs RABE, cultivators HILLER and others.

The purchased agricultural equipment was financed with equity and financial leasing. A substantial part of the purchased in 2009 equipment and machinery was financed according to an investment project, prepared by Remuss Ltd and approved by the Program for the Rural Districts of the EU “Modernization of the farmers”. The total value of the project was BGN 2 814 ths., BGN 1 407 ths. of which was granted under the program