Establishment of irrigation farms

The start of irrigated agricultural production is one of the main priorities of Agro Tera North group for the agricultural year 2010/2011. The management of the two companies researched the possibilities for the construction of mobile circle irrigation systems of new generation and produced by one of the leading producers of irrigation equipment in the world. This will allow “Agro Terra North” JSC and “Remuss” Ltd. to use its comparative advantages of rented large land plots situated next to the Danube river and several micro dam lakes. The management researches the opportunity to increase the land cropped with yellow corn by starting to grow irrigated corn as one the cereals which are mostly susceptible to irrigation. After the establishment of irrigation farms “Agro Terra North” JSC will achieve two separate positive effects: a significant increase of the yield per decare on one side and the minimization of the dependence and the negative effects by the constant changes of the meteorological conditions such as droughts on the other side. The significant fluctuations of the meteorological conditions and the climate changes which are typical for Bulgaria lead to several side effects such as lower yields from a decare and lower quality of the production. We believe that the investments in irrigated agriculture are among the most attractive investments which yield the highest possible return on the invested capital as compared to other traditional investment projects in the agricultural business.

Expansion of the storage facilities

Among the main priorities of the Group for the period 2012 - 2013 is the expansion of the current storage facilities in Bregovo city to 15,000 mt of grains. In 2013 "Agro Terra North" JSC will invest in the construction of modern silos located in Bregovo city, Vidin region. The current storage capacity will increase appr. 3 times with the construction of silos of minimum 10,000 mt of grains. At the same time the subsidiary "Remuss" Ltd. plans to relocate its main agricultural base from Vratza to Borovan city, which at the moment plays the role of a subsidiary base of Remuss. The relocation project aims to optimize the transportation costs for the storage and realization of the production of the company as the main part of the cutivated land is located in the municipality of Borovan. The positive effects of the relocation are not only the facilitation and optimization of the logistics but also optimization of the operating costs for the maintenance of two different agricultural bases.

Efficiency improvement of the agricultural production activities

Representatives of “Advance Equity Holding” PLC had several meetings with the management of the Joint Center of Genomics (JCG) in Sofia with general manager prof. Atanas Atanasov with the purpose to negotiate the start of a collaboration between the JCG and “Agro Terra North” JSC aimed at the optimization of the production costs through an improvement of the efficiency of the production process. The joint project will include researches carried out by the specialists of the JCG for the susceptibility of the soil in the region of Vidin to the different types of seeding materials, fertilizers, herbicides, etc. The pilot project of JCG and “Agro Terra North” JSC started in the spring of 2010 and includes thorough soil and climate researches and appraisal of the most efficient use of the land of the company in the region of Bregovo, Vratza and Borovan municipalities as well as consultancy on the modern techniques and methods for the cultivation of oily seeds and grains. The management of Agro Terra North believes that the use of the latest scientific achievements in the field of agriculture and genomics and the extensive experience and knowledge of the scientific centers accumulated in the last few decades for the climate and soil changes in Bulgaria will allow us to further improve the operating results of the production activities and add additional value to the production process