Storage of grain and oily seed

The specifics of the business of the two companies part of Agro Terra North group require the possessing of the needed storage facilities for the yielded agricultural products. In the period 2007-2008 all the necessary storage facilities for the agricultural production were bought or built. After reconstruction and expansion currently the total capacity of the facilities of the two companies amounts to approximately 18 000 tons of grain.

In 2008 “Remuss” Ltd. finished the construction of modern silos situated on the territory of the own agricultural base on the entrance of Vratza in Vasil Kanchov Str. 120.The total capacity of the three metallic and aluminium silos is 7 400 tons of grains, the total investment for which reached BGN 1 400 ths. The silos are constructed according to the latest technologies, equipped with the necessary ventilation systems, systems for temperature control, elevators, loading and unloading equipment, a sweeping machine and a drying room.

“Agro Terra North” JSC has two own agricultural bases purchased in 2008 in the region of Bregovo city. The bases are used as storing facilities for the produced agricultural products as well as for the agricultural equipment and machinery. In the end of 2008 “Agro Terra North” JSC purchased the premises of the fodder factory in Bregovo city and transformed it to an agricultural base with storage premises for grain and oily seed. The total land plot of the premises is 20,980 square meters with over 2,100 square meters built-up area. After the repair and modernization of the facilities in 2009 анд 2011 the total storage capacity was increased to over 5,000 tons of grain and follow-up expansion of the capacity is expected until the end of 2009. As of September 2009 the total investment in the base reached BGN 1 300 ths. The second agricultural base of “Agro Terra North” JSC is situated in Baley village near Bregovo city on a land plot of 7 000 square meters