Trade in grain and oily seed

In 2009 “Agro Terra North” JSC started its trading activities concerning the buying out and trade on the local and export markets of grain and oily seed such as wheat, sunflower seed, rapeseed, corn and barley. The main goal of the company is to establish long-term relationships with the small to medium sized local agricultural producers in the region of Vidin, Vratza, Montana and Lom and strengthen its positions as one of the leading trading companies first in the region. To accomplish the management goals the company established its own trading department which carries out the trading and export activities of Agro Terra North group. The trading department of the company maintains excellent relationships with the leading multinational companies exporting agricultural production from Bulgaria, as well as with a large number of different end users of agricultural production in Southeastern and Western Europe. In 2009 “Agro Terra North” JSC was awarded by the National Grain and Feed Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food with a license to trade with grains and oily seed and was entered into the Register of the companies trading with agricultural production in Bulgaria. The excellent relationship of “Agro Terra North” JSC with the small and medium agricultural producers in the region will allow the company in the near future to expand the scale of its trading activities on a regional level. In 2011 the subsidiary “Remuss” ltd. was also awarded a certificate for trading with grains and oily seeds.

“Agro Terra North” JSC has two five trucks with trailers for grain produced in the period 2005-2008. The company also uses trucks for transportation of grain and oily seeds rented by several transportation companies in order to ensure the necessary capacity to deliver the negotiated quantities to its counterparties. Agro Terra North also effects export of agricultural production by using railway and river transport through several spedition agents.